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  1. Look ahead for new talents

    You are one click away from your most suitable candidate. Advanced recruitment solutions bring to your door the biggest Talent Pool in pharmaceutical sector with more than 2000 suitable candidates posted.
  2. Be fully informed of the candidate

    Are you ready to interview the candidate? Do you have enough knowledge to make an effective interview? Save time and money! Expand will provide you only SMART shortlist. Choose Expand as recruitment partner for your free sales & marketing positions! 
  3. Assess the new employee job fit

    Keep the new employees externalized. Assess their core-competencies and motivate them through Expand employment during the induction period. CSO induction projects keep your final option free of charge. 
  4. Call Expand Health consultants

    Go to www.bursapharma.ro and you will be updated with Expand Health new posted talents. Make your own selection and ask Expand Health consultants for meeting the potentials. They are ready for any challenge in reaching your specific requirements