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  1. Induction CSO Project

    Do your employees tend to adapt slowly with the new role and responsibilities? Would you like to be more convinced regarding their work performances before employing them? Expand Health is ready to help you by employing the new recruits, assess them for the new role and make professional recommendations regarding their job potential and fit within your organization.
  2. Tactical CSO Project

    Do you need to increase your team size in less than one month? Are you thinking about a brand new team fully dedicated in-hand? Expand Health is the number one specialist in setting-up new teams by managing the current human resources, financial and logistic operations.
  3. Strategical CSO Project

    Do you need to share your business goals with your partners? Are you searching for a project design including: team, management and strategic objectives? Expand Health is a reliable partner for your challenging targets, embracing your company’s culture and working style into a new CSO strategic project.
  4. Empowered CSO Project

    What do you think about a complete outsourced CSO project empowering us with full responsibility in reaching the targets? Expand Health is already prepared for such projects having internal resources in bringing the project from paper to life.